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  1. How do I schedule a rental unit for a feature move?
    • All storage units are rented out on a first come first ever basis. We will reserve a unit, if a feature unit is required please check back on the day the unit is needed.
  2. Are yearly leases required?
    • No they are leased on a month to month basis.
  3. Do I have to rent a unit via PackandPay.com?
    • No, you may still rent a unit by visiting our local office.
  4. Can I live in my unit?
    • No
  5. How do I cancel my unit?
    • Log into your account choose manage leases and choose end lease.
    • *note if you end your lease between the 1st and the 15th your lease will be ended at the end of the current month. If you end your lease between 16th and the end of the month your lease will terminate on the last day of the following month.
  6. Are the unit’s climate controlled?
    • No
  7. Will my unit have a power outlet?
    • No - unless you rent a 13x35 unit.
  8. Does Pack N Pay accept any other forms of payments other than online credit card payments?
    • Yes we take cash, check and credit card at our office
  9. What happens if my unit gets broken into, can I get the camera footage?
  10. Will Pack N Pay insure my stored belongings?
    • No, it’s recommended to get some additional insurance to accommodate your items.
  11. How do I notifiy Pack N Pay if I notice a repair is needed to my unit or the facility?